About Us

Need sound legal advice? Don't want to pay expensive professional rates?


Dexter Legal and Property Services Ltd is a Company set up to assist the general public and those in business, who feel unable to contact a Solicitor or cannot afford to contact a Solicitor, understand the processes surrounding the English Legal System as well as the current property market in the UK.


"No Legal Jargon...Just Straight Talking!"  Most people need assistance in translating the various legal terms into understandable language and also guidance in negotiating the long standing processes involved with legal rights, legal claims and legal disputes. These processes are normally complicated and legal advice and assistance is usually required in order to make sure that your rights are protected and you are insured against any problems that may occur. This is why a legal consultation is required. If you get it wrong it can be a very expensive mistake.


"Take advantage of a Free, No Obligation Initial Consultation". Dexter Legal and Property Services Ltd (DLAPS Ltd) and its sister company Dexter Enterprise Services Ltd (DES Ltd) are here for those who need legal and property advice and assistance but do not necessarily need to formally instruct Solicitors and incur substantial costs in doing so. We can assess your position and if we are able to help then we will do by giving you direct and easily understandable advice, if we cannot help, then we will recommend what action you need to take and if you need professional assistance then advise you of your alternatives and who you need to instruct to get what you want.


We will give guidance as to the merits of any problem you may have, whether that be in your favour or not. The main consideration always is to advise you of your best course of action and as to whom you need to deal with to achieve the best result.


Affordable Legal Advice & Support.  Our rates are less than half of those you would incur with Solicitors and other Professional Firms, however, there are certain types of work that we cannot or are not allowed to carry out for you as these areas of work are reserved for those who are currently registered to do so. However, there are numerous areas where work does not require such onerous and restrictive requirements and those are the areas where we can help.


We cannot deal with normal consumer matters as the costs involved in that work far outweigh any benefit you may achieve. Similarly we cannot deal with property transactions or The Administration of Estates – although we can offer advice and assistance as to how you can deal with these matters yourself.


We are particularly good in helping you understand and simplifying the legal process of any dispute or claim that you may be involved with as well as basic guidance on employment issues so that you can determine what action should be taken, if any, in any given set of circumstances.