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I was trying to represent myself in Matrimonial Proceedings and had to ask DLAPS to help and the help given to me changed my whole view of how to move forward and resulted in a very successful outcome. Very helpful efficient and knowledgeable help that proved vital to the outcome of my case. Would recommend to anyone.
Ray Wallis, Lytham
I was not getting anywhere trying to sort out my family arrangements with the Bank due to the passage of time and lack of documentation. Thankfully all now resolved with the Bank and I have all the relevant paperwork to be able to go to the Land Registry and make all the changes that are needed.
Rafique Omer, Preston
In my business there are always issues and mostly I can deal with them, but where I need legal help it would cost me so much more, and I would have to take time out to go to a solicitors office to give instructions. DLAPS are very flexible and easy to deal with – also, I can rely on being told where I stand and if I am right or wrong!
Brian Middlemass, Blackpool


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